Balls of steel

February 25, 2010

Okay, after the hefty post here are my eats and workouts of the past few days:


Breakfast staple:

The pool of agave makes my mouth water right now!

The usual morning coffee, served in a sponge.

My packed lunch, the foil ball is actually a mini wholemeal pitta. Apple on the side and a Wallaby bar!

It had decent stats though I think the protein came mostly from the yoghurt coating…

The taste? Not my fave, it was chewy and crunchy from the rice krispie type of filling, not overly sweet but I was disappointed in the yoghurt coating which didn’t add anything AT ALL to the flavour, except actually reducing the flavour to waxy nothing. Ginger came through but I’m not the biggest fan of ginger in my sweets, apart from gingerbread men of course!

This dinner was a bit too warm. This sounds weird, I mean everything was cooked and it was a bit overkill, I need something refreshing on the side! The white stuff is egg white scramble with sliced mushrooms, roasted broc and sprouts on the side and a generous helping of BBQ sauce.

Your typical lunch snack platter with a skitmark of hummus, yum! Oh and the reason I still use a xmas plate is because it’s either this or the HUUUGGGEEE a$$$$ plate from Ikea or the teeny weeny tiny plastic one also from Ikea, I really need some more dishes…

Yum yum, yesterday’s dinner! It’s a quesedilla made with Lloyd’s Grossman Chapatti, filled with a Southern Style Quorn burger sliced in half, lots of BBQ sauce, Laughing cow wedge and lashings of BBQ sauce, folded and toasted in a sandwich press. Delish!

On the side, for the freshness a simple salad with a little honey mustard dressing to get it going.


This isn’t actually today’s breakfast since I did NOT have time to snap any pics.

I had a meeting at 11am this morning  at uni which means I have to leave the house by ten.

Okay, I set my alarm for 5.30 to squeeze in a workout, was there at 6.30 when it opened, twas awesome. 😀

My workout:


– 20 mins crosstrainer on intervalls + 5 mins cooldown

Upper Body Workout

– Hammer Bicep Curls – 5kg 12 reps

– Tricep Kickbacks – 4kg 10 reps each side

– Shoulder Press – 5kg 12 reps

– Chest Press on Bench – 4kg 12 reps

– Bent over Arm Rows – 5kg 12 reps

3 times through

Shiiiii! I used 5kg for the very first time today and I barely could lift it for the bicep workout! I did my reps so…JUST.


Crunches 15 reps

– Leg lift side crunch (Obliques) 12 reps

– Reverse Crunch 12 reps

3 times through

– Heel touch 12 reps 2 sets



3.5% Incline

0-3 Warmup at 7.0

3-5 at 7.4

5-6 at 7.6

6-7 at 7.8

8-10 at 8.0

10-12 at 8.2

12-14 at 8.4

14-16 at 8.6

16-18 at 8.6 2.5% incline

18-20 at 8.6 1.5%

20-22 at 8.6 0.5%

22-25 at 8.6 0% incline

25-30 cooldown

I then showered, dressed and dried my hair, I was out exactly 2h later so had enough time to bum around.

I went into Waitrose and browsed for aaaages, my buys included a super huge, soft juicy mango which was half price, yay! Puffed wheat, Vogel bread, cream cheese, 2 pears (a pair of pears), Oat bake choc chip cookies and hummus.

I paid and went home and it wasn’t until I walked through the door and glanced at the clock that I realised I had to leave in HALF AN HOUR!

I hadn’t put on my face, or had breakfast or prepped lunch and I had to put away the shopping AND pack my bag!

So I skitted around the kitchen, chopped chopped away, packed my lunch while my oatmeal was cooking, then threw together my stuff and put on my face while simultaneously trying to eat my oats.

It didn’t work too well and I ended up having to leave in 1 min and a half eaten bowl of oats. So instead of throwing it away I put it in a tupperware and packed a spoon. YES, I completely intended to eat my oatmeal on the uni bus!

I thought, it’ll be fine, I’ll sit in the back (it’s a bendy bus) and there aren’t many people in the morning any way, at least not until it gets to studentville.

So I rushed out in time and having watched The Hills too!

Then when the bus came I cried a little inside, it was a SMALL BUS!

And upon entering I realised that it was full!!! I had to sit next to a woman and I was contemplating if I should just forget it and scoff it down cold on campus.


So I got out my oatmeal and my spoon and because I nuked it before I went out (so it’s still nice and warm in the bus) it was STEAMING. Arghs! Furhter embarrassment.

I steel-balled it and ate it and ignored the looks which were definitely boring into the back of my head. I’m glad I did too! 😀

The meeting went ok, the girl who set it for 11am got her timetable wrong so we could have met at 12 instead but oh well, we sat in the SU from 11-1pm and after the beeeznasss had been discussed we gossiped and chatted about horrible yet amusing TV.

In my Evil module my tutor demonstrated the size of hand luggage and how to pack it (for our trip to Poland in march!) I am a packing expert, done the cheap flights, handluggage only for yeaaaars, the trick is to fill every cavity (TWSS) with socks, underwear, anything! And roll up your clothes and stuff it into the corners, booyaaa!

Now I’m off to cook some dinner and maybe cram in some work (very unlikely).

Ciao for niao.



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