Wait, Inhale and Run

March 21, 2010

Hello bloggies!

Yesterday Bread (my bf whose fave food is bread thus the nickname bread haha) and I went out for a little goodbye dinner since I’ll be off to Poland on monday.

We were debating between The Crazies and Shutter Island for post dinner entertainment but decided on SI since everyone who’s seen it loved it.

For dinner we wanted to keep it simple and decided on Nando’s. It also has something to do with it being in the same complex as the cinema and close proximity + cheap food = winner.

Usually when we go eat beforehand, we always finish with 30+ mins spare before the film starts, to avoid this we went out an hour before the film started which left us with 45 mins to sit down and eat. That’s no problem usually because Nando’s is faster than MCD sometimes!

We bought tickets and went upstairs to Nando’s and to my horror I saw a long queue at the door, gah!

The waitress said it’s gonna be a 15 mins wait, which would be fine since the first 10-15 mins of the film is just ads and that can easily be skipped.

So we waited…

and waited…

and waited…

and finally got a table with 25 mins before the film started!

Bread quickly went to the counter to give our order, I wanted the veggie burger with ratatouille on the side and Bread kept it simple with 1/4 chicken with chips and garlic bread.

Then they took another 30!!!! mins before they brought out food, by that time we INHALED it, I could hardly even taste the burger, which was I think quite nice, when a little on the cold side and the ratatouille was actually very nice but again, I was just shoving it in. I also left the bottom bit of the bun, that with mayo slathered on it and only ate the top half which didn’t taste great, it tasted frozen and then defrosted. Meh.

Bread teared the chicken apart and we asked a waitress to give us a takeaway bag so we could pack up the chips and eat it in the cinema instead.

We did that and rushed down, the cinema was packed at the top half and we had to walk past 6 people to get to our seats, luckily the film was JUST about to start and we didn’t miss anything.

SI was good, really liked Leo in it, he’s overdue on an oscar imo, he’s a great actor!

In the film they show bits of a concentration camp and it’s chilling, dunno how our visit to Auschwitz will be next week!

But yeah, wasn’t the best night, I wish I could have enjoyed my meal but oh well, we’re going out when I come back. πŸ˜€

and it was “only” Nando’s. Lesson learnt, saturday prime time cinema time is not the best time for a quick bite.


Oats in a jar

March 18, 2010


Unless you leave an incrdible amount in the jar, it doesn’t do anything to your oatmeal.
Then the jar is too small to mix and evenly distribute it throughout your oats and you only eat it at the end with some scraps of oatmeal.
Also, having such a small container messes with my mental hunger and my brain tells me that it’s not a big breakfast as it’s not in the usual big bowl.

I rather eat the almost empty jar with a spoon.

Travel fear

March 12, 2010

Hello goodies!

The past few weeks I have been through TONS of research, no, not for my dissertation of course because that’d be the sane thing to do, no I wasted spent my time looking for a cheap/good/brown/pretty combat-military style boots.

Like these:


Apparently that’s almost impossible! The cheap aspect of it anyway.

I was SO close on spending big money on a nice pair from Topshop but I just could not bring myself to spend that much money when I’m not exactly in the richest of positions right now.

So I had a stroll on ebay and looked and looked for days and finally bought a pair! πŸ˜€

It was half the price of the ones from the shops, though they aren’t leather, but I guess that is preferably for some anyway!

They will be here either tomorrow or monday, can’t wait!

Retail therapy stretched on:

H&M had an offer for Β£10 off all jackets and blazers, I had a look because I really needed a boyfriend blazer (the type that’s sort of baggy, not fitted and longer) and they had them for Β£5 and they looked PERFECT, and fitted SO WELL! I bought one in black and one in taupe. πŸ˜€ And then a bag for good meassure.

I also had my hair cut today, it looks so fresh and pretty! I wish I could blow-dry my hair as well as the hairdresser, it’s so smooth, so silky and has the least amount of volume possible. (yes I do not want volume because my hair is INCREDIBLY thick and heavy :()

Then I spent a ridiculous amount in Boots, needed some essentials like Aussie Shampoo/Cond, travel size shampoo/cond., travel bottles, hand cream, mascara etc.

I bought those things for my trip to Poland in 2 weeks time instead of buying full sized ones in Poland or at the airport, saving some money is definitely needed, plus I will be using those bottles probably almost every day for the gym!

I always look like I’m going on holiday with my gym bag, it’s SO big and SO full all the time.

This also brings me to the travel fear I’ve had for many many MANY weeks.

Going on a trip means adjusting my eats, Adjusting my eats to my surroundings causes FEAR in me. I do not want to end up being the weirdo in our group and I will definitely not throw back unhealthy, greasy crappy food (can you throw back food or is that just for drinks?) not because I don’t want to gain weight (well that too) but because it’s just not my lifestyle. I won’t expect a meat and carb person to suddenly change to vegetarian food because of pressure so it works the other way round too.

I’ve decided to not fear and to take the tips from KERF for continental breakfast post and Gina’s trick on restaurant food on board. Plus, the hotel rooms have fridges so I can stock up on yogurts for evening snacks or have one before I go down to breakfast or even take it with me, in case they really have nothing I want. I really do hope they have fresh fruit available at the buffet. And I will buy apples and bananas so I can plop them into my bag for when we go around Krakow.

I will report of course, how I managed and maybe that’ll help some who also have travel fears. πŸ˜€

Anyways, food post will come eventually, just not in the mood to snap pics right now.


Un-healthy blogging

March 5, 2010

Hello bloggies!

I have decided to clutter out my google reader and unsubscribe a dozen of blogs. Why?

Not because they aren’t entertaining.

Not because it takes too long (well it does but procrastination is my middle name)

But because this is becoming an unhealthy habit. I have some issues with food myself.

Food is food and is not my enemy but my best friend.

While some blogs really helped me to get to terms with myself, bodylove and healthy eating, others started to make me feel guilty and undisciplined.

I am not pointing any fingers at all, the blogs I have unsubscribed to are of people who are perfectly healthy and who are great people. The issues I have, have nothing to do with any of them but with myself.

I know I should not compare myself with anyone else but that’s just human nature, I just do and I can’t help it.

Since being at the place that I am, slowly getting better with how I view food and myself, I don’t want to jepordize it by always looking at the greener grass on my neighbours.

Several times I felt so guilty for not working as hard, eating as healthy and studying as much as some of my fellow bloggies but then again, this is me, my life and it’s completely different since I am a completely different person.

Well DUH you might say but just call me silly because that’s what I am. πŸ˜€

Anyways, I just wanted to get this off my chest, have a great weekend everyone!



March 4, 2010

Hey Chickpeas!

Guess what came through the post today!

Oh boy!

That’s right! I popped my protein-powder-in-a-drum cherry! πŸ˜€

I bought 3 sachets of different Spiru-tein flavours in Whole Foods when I was in London a month ago (along with 6 jars of All Natural PB&Co… ahem) and tried it in my oats. I realised that protein powder in my breakfast does not only taste good, sweetens it but also keeps me full and SATISFIED for hours! So I splashed out on this beaut and can’t wait to try it out tomorrow! πŸ˜€

Talking about breakfasts, here are my eats from the last couple of days:

Cookies N Cream me all ova!

1/3 c Oats + water + 1/2 scoop Cookies N Cream Spiru-tein + 1/2 banana + 1 plop of PB.

So good! Haven’t felt so satisfied since that morning when I ate oats AND spelt pancakes for breakfast, yeah I live it!

This awesome breakfast is usually followed by a cuppa joe but that morning I felt like cuppa tea!

Despite the coffee house brand mug

I had my usual snackplatter for lunch and had my fave kind of salad for dinner!


I will lay down the salads for dinners for the next few days, too much fiber is just not good for me, it gives me fiber babies and embarrassing gas, yes, I’ve said it!

messy desk makes for messy dinners

Yeah, if you’re wondering why that wholemeal muffin is balancing on my knife, it’s quite simple…

I’m a consistency freak, I like it crispy not soggy!Β  I also slice the muffin and instead of toasting each half I toast it together so I have a very soft fluffy inside and a crispy outside… crazy much? Don’t answer that.

I also made THE best and yummiest quick sorbet everrrr:

Ice ice baby!

I blended frozen fruit salad (which consisted of apple, melon, grapes and pineapple), a handful of spinach, splash of waterΒ  and some agave nectar.

It gave me major brain freeze but it was worth it! I will add some frozen banana and xanthan gum next time to make it not so melty.

Yesterday after a sweaty gym sesh I browsed through town and didn’t realise the time! For a quick energy fix after workout I bought this bar:

Flavour, Where Art Thou?

At first bite I thought I was gonna be in heaven! It was soft, chewy and reminded me of a goooood snickers bar without the nuts…

But then… nothing, the flavour that was supposed to be peanut butter and caramel never came. Sad.

I still inhaled it and the stats weren’t half bad:

3.3g of Protein more than I had before

Not the best for a post workout snack but it was this one or sugar+carb pressed into a handy bar.

For dinner I had to eat the rest of the disappointing squash before it went bad.

After roasting it I threw it into a bowl of Parsnip soup and it was okay.

Today, I didn’t feel like gym so I didn’t go, simple right?

I worked some more on my dissertation, wrote about 200 words but it’s still progress!

I also was a good girl and prepped my dinner this afternoon! Angela’s In a Jiffy Veggie Spelt Burgers but I halfed the recipe and instead of dill and basil I added fresh parsley and some cumin. I also left out the chia seeds as I don’t have any, you can’t get them here. 😦

I hope they will bake alright as I can imagine the gelified chia seeds might have something to do with keeping the burgers together… πŸ˜•

We’ll see what happens in a few hours!

I am out, might do some abs later on!

See yas all!