Wait, Inhale and Run

March 21, 2010

Hello bloggies!

Yesterday Bread (my bf whose fave food is bread thus the nickname bread haha) and I went out for a little goodbye dinner since I’ll be off to Poland on monday.

We were debating between The Crazies and Shutter Island for post dinner entertainment but decided on SI since everyone who’s seen it loved it.

For dinner we wanted to keep it simple and decided on Nando’s. It also has something to do with it being in the same complex as the cinema and close proximity + cheap food = winner.

Usually when we go eat beforehand, we always finish with 30+ mins spare before the film starts, to avoid this we went out an hour before the film started which left us with 45 mins to sit down and eat. That’s no problem usually because Nando’s is faster than MCD sometimes!

We bought tickets and went upstairs to Nando’s and to my horror I saw a long queue at the door, gah!

The waitress said it’s gonna be a 15 mins wait, which would be fine since the first 10-15 mins of the film is just ads and that can easily be skipped.

So we waited…

and waited…

and waited…

and finally got a table with 25 mins before the film started!

Bread quickly went to the counter to give our order, I wanted the veggie burger with ratatouille on the side and Bread kept it simple with 1/4 chicken with chips and garlic bread.

Then they took another 30!!!! mins before they brought out food, by that time we INHALED it, I could hardly even taste the burger, which was I think quite nice, when a little on the cold side and the ratatouille was actually very nice but again, I was just shoving it in. I also left the bottom bit of the bun, that with mayo slathered on it and only ate the top half which didn’t taste great, it tasted frozen and then defrosted. Meh.

Bread teared the chicken apart and we asked a waitress to give us a takeaway bag so we could pack up the chips and eat it in the cinema instead.

We did that and rushed down, the cinema was packed at the top half and we had to walk past 6 people to get to our seats, luckily the film was JUST about to start and we didn’t miss anything.

SI was good, really liked Leo in it, he’s overdue on an oscar imo, he’s a great actor!

In the film they show bits of a concentration camp and it’s chilling, dunno how our visit to Auschwitz will be next week!

But yeah, wasn’t the best night, I wish I could have enjoyed my meal but oh well, we’re going out when I come back. 😀

and it was “only” Nando’s. Lesson learnt, saturday prime time cinema time is not the best time for a quick bite.